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Adapter Sockets Access SMT QFPs

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PolyPod surface-mount adapters for many of the latest sizes of QFPs have base options for receptacles that can be used to interconnect to any test system or be used to add height to extend the test equipment off the board. The QFP surface-mount adapter base solders down to the board and can be connected to emulators, logic analyzers, or can be used as a socket. A socket cover is available that screws down over the base and has pins on the top that can go to an emulator or an interconnect board. A YQ spacer socket can be used to connect from the base to the adapter board and can be used to stack adapters to get extra height from the board. The socket allows final testing with a live IC in place of the emulator, and users can even ship the first prototype with the IC in the socket.

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