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Adapter Upgrades Without Changing PBC Layout

A new adapter lets designers upgrade existing PLCC devices to SOJ or SOIC without the need for a new PBC layout. The pins of the new adapters, butt soldered to the PLCC pads, come in 0.09" or 0.03" length versions. This adapter is suitable for use on legacy chips, such as a Motorola MC145158-2 integrated circuit. The board material of the surface mountable adapter is .062" thick FR-4 with 1 oz. of copper traces on both sides. Pins are 360 1/2 hard brass alloy, per UNS C36000 ASTM-B-16-85, and pin plating is 200µ minimum tin, per MIL-T-10727 Type 1 or tin/lead 90/10 MIL-P-81728 over 100m nickel per QQ-N-290. Operating temperature is 221°F. Pricing for a 20-lead adapter is $6.92/each/500. ARIES ELECTRONICS INC., Frenchtown, NJ. (908) 996-6841.


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