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Adapters Connect SSOPs To SOWICs

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This new line of adapters allows new SSOP devices to be used on boards designed for older technology SOWIC packages without requiring board rework or redesign. The SSOP-to-SOWIC adapters are currently available in a 20-pin version, with other popular pin counts available shortly. The 0.65-mm pitch SSOP package can be hand soldered or reflow soldered using IR or vapor phase technology on the adapter's topside. The completed subassembly can then be pick-and-placed and reflow soldered to the target pc board using the same methods. These Correct-A-Chip adapters have an operating temperature range of -55°C to +125°C. Pins are hardened brass alloy with tin-lead plating. Pricing for a 20-pin SSOP-to-SOWIC adapter is $9.00 each in quantities of 100-499.

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