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Adapters Convert BGA Sockets To Emulator Pod Receptacles

With the BGA Socket Emulator Adapter series, engineers are said to have an easy way of testing and debugging ball grid array (BGA) packaged devices. Converting screw-lock, surface-mount or through-hole BGA production sockets into emulator pod receptacles, the adapters allow users to plug a male emulator cable into a target board for handling testing, emulation, or board-to-board interconnect assignments. The adapter complements the company's line of production screw-lock sockets and provides direct access to all BGA pins. It can also act as a BGA surface-mount base for plugging into logic analyzer or scope adapters for individual or mass pin probing. The adapters come with 400, 529, 676, 971 or 1,089 pins on a 1.27-mm lead pitch. Prices start at $800 each for a minimum of two pieces. For more details, contact EMULATION TECHNOLOGY INC., Santa Clara, CA. (800) 232-7837.


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