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ADC Board Achieves 100-MB/s Continuous Throughput Rates

With 64-bit PCI DMA transfers that continuously store analog data directly into system memory at sustained speeds of 100 MB/s (140 MB/s peak), the AD8CH12B is reported to be the industryÕs fastest A/D board. The board provides eight channels simultaneously sampling 12-bit channels with a sampling rate up to 6.25 Msamples/s or eight 8-bit channels at 12.5 Msamples/s. Channel configuration is performed via software and, in all modes, the data rate is guaranteed to be 100 MB/s in all 64-bit PCI bus Sun platforms and 70 to 100 MB/s in most PCs. Including drivers and sample C programs for Solaris7/8, UNIX or Windows 2000, price is $5,549. ULTRAVIEW CORP., Orinda, CA. (925) 253-2960.

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