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Adhesive Designed For Heat-Sensitive Substrates

This thermally conductive adhesive is for heat sink attachment for heat-sensitive components or substrates. It is also recommended for use in staking transistors, diodes, resistors, ICs and other pc board applications. The Tra-Bond 2151 epoxy-based, two-part system is claimed to develop strong, durable, high-impact bonds at room temperature and to offer improved heat transfer while maintaining electrical insulation. It bonds readily to itself and to most metals and other materials and substrates. And the bond resists salt solutions, mild acids and alkalis, and many other chemicals and solvents. Tra-Bond complies with NASA's outgassing spec and comes in various-sized, pre-measured BIPAX packages and in pre-mixed and frozen cartridges or syringes for automatic dispensing.

Company: TRA-CON INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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