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ADSL Analog Front End Integrates Codec And Line Driver Functions

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By integrating the codec, line driver and receiver functions into a single chip, the TLFD600 integrated analog front end saves board space and system costs for CPE OEMs. The chip also integrates all the transmit and receive digital and analog filtering required to implement the G.992.1 and G.992.2 ADSL standards. This high level of integration reduces component count, enabling system developers to build more robust ADSL customer premise modems, it's claimed.
The device supports both the ITU and ANSI full-rate discrete multitone and G.lite ADSL standards. The a/d and d/a converters in the chip feature 14-bit resolution, reducing system noise and allowing for higher data rates. The chip interfaces to the firm's digital signal processors and also includes an on-chip clock-divide circuit. Packaged in a 64-pin thermally enhanced PowerPad TQFP, pricing is $10.50 each/100K.

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