Electronic Design

Advanced TCA: The New Comm Platform

PICMG's (www.picmg.org) Advanced TCA (Telecom Computing Architecture) is a massive new specification that targets next-generation carrier-grade equipment. While proprietary hardware dominates this market, the move to standards-based platforms is clear. CompactPCI has made inroads, but its smaller form factor limits its use in high-end systems. Advanced TCA provides more area and power. The base 3.0 specification defines the hardware while additional specifications define interconnects.

3.0 Defines overall mechanics, board dimensions, power distribution,
power and data connectors, and system management
plus 10/100/1000BaseT Ethernet connections
3.1 Ethernet fabric (dual star or mesh)
3.2 InfiniBand (dual star or mesh)
3.3 StarFabric (dual star or mesh)
3.4 PCI Express Advanced Switching (dual star or mesh)
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