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AdvancedAMC Board Features 64-Core Processor

The new T6M-100 AdvancedMC (PrAMC) platform from JumpGen Systems incorporates the Tilera TILE64 processor, with 64 cores of general-purpose compute capability running at 700 MHz. The single-wide T6M-100 is one of several JumpGen PrAMC products that support 10-Gbit/s Ethernet interfaces addressing growing market requirements for IP networks.

The dual 10-Gbit/s Ethernet interfaces and 64 processor cores make the board well-suited for hosting high-bandwidth embedded communication applications such as wireless radio network controllers, multimedia gateways, media transcoders/transraters, session border controllers, modular servers, firewalls, and deep-packet inspection appliances. The board includes 2-Gbytes of ECC DDR2 memory running at 800 MHz and up to 8-Gbytes of persistent memory.

The TILE64 processor is well suited for high-performance embedded system markets. In the networking and telecommunications areas, the processor is designed into switches and security appliances to provide performance of up to 10 Gbits/s of L4-L7 services. In the digital video and multimedia market, the TILE64 delivers two streams of broadcast-quality, high-definition H.264-encode capability in one chip and more than 10 streams of encode for high-definition video conferencing applications.

“The Tilera technology enables us to meet the growing market demand for performance and low power,” said Harry White, JumpGen president and CEO. “The T6M-100 is already selling, with orders placed by a tier-one Telecom Equipment Manufacturer.” JumpGen is shipping the T6M-100 to select customers. It will be generally available in Q4 2008.

JumpGen Systems

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