AdvancedMC Board Pairs TI DSPs With Fast, Flexible I/O

AdvancedMC Board Pairs TI DSPs With Fast, Flexible I/O

CommAgility’s AMC-4C6678 DSP processing module, packed into a compact AMC form factor, features four Texas Instruments TMS320C6678 fixed- and floating-point, eight-core DSPs running at 1.25 GHz. This configuration pushes performance to 640 GFLOPS and 1280 GMACS. PCI Express and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces employ on-board switches to maximize flexibility and provide access to all DSPs on the card. A Serial RapidIO (SRIO) link connects directly to one DSP, which is shared using Hyperlink, and then extends to the second DSP pair. Each DSP contains 2 Gbytes of DDR2 SDRAM (making for a total of 8 Gbytes). In addition, 256 Mbytes of flash memory can be used to store DSP boot code. Available software includes full board support libraries and an IP stack with Telnet/TFTP for Ethernet-based board control and upgrade. Applications include image sensor processing, telecom, and stepper control.


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