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AdvancedTCA System Delivers Complete Solution

AdvancedTCA continues to garner support with platforms like Force Computers' Centellis CO31KX. This NEBS level 3-capable AdvancedTCA system platform has 14 slots. The 19-in., 13U base system comes with a collection of pairs. This includes two single-board computers (SBCs), two 1-Gbit/s Ethernet switches, and two shelf-management units.

The SBCs have on-board mezzanine sites. The shelf-management units support SNMPv3-encrypted communication. Each slot can handle up to 200 W. The redundant fans only need to run at 75% capacity to handle the load. Power and cooling are hot-swappable. The system supports clock synchronization for I/O blades.

Pricing for the base system starts at $27,000. It implements a PICMG 3.0, dual-star, 1-Gbit/s Ethernet switch fabric. A full-mesh version is also available.

Force Computers

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