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Aitech Displays Dual-Head PMC Graphics

The M591 (see the Figure) was one of many boards that Aitech Defense Systems had on display at the 2007 Bus and Board show. The board is based on the ATI M9 graphics processor that supports 2D and 3D polygon generation and texture mapping acceleration via a pair of independent graphics engines. The stacked, dual board PMC (PCI Mezzanine Card) system drives dual DVI outputs at resolutions up to 1600 by 1200 at 32-bits/pixel. It can hit resolutions of 2048 by 1536 in some configurations. The board can also drive S-video outputs. The frame buffer memory size is 64 Mbytes.

Air-cooled versions can deliver the video I/O via the front panel. Conduction-cooled versions are available. Drivers for VxWorks and Integrity are available, including OpenGL support. Pricing starts at $2,995.

Other announcements included updated 6U VME C10x single board computers (SBC). The new boards have up to 4 Gbytes of flash memory. These boards use the newer 733-MHz MPC7457 PowerPC. The base C100 comes with 256 Mbytes of flash, with a starting price of $6,545.

Aitech was also showing off a number of new chassis including the 8-slot, 3/4 ATR short chassis capable of holding eight 6U VME boards. It utilizes a pair of external, forced air, sealed side heat exchange units, and can include an optional 24-Vdc or 115-Vac fan and housing assembly. The backplane is VME64x-compliant. Pricing starts at $16,320.

For more informations, check out Aitech Defense Systems.

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