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AlGaInP LED Claims Tenfold Increase In Brightness

With what's said to be a breakthrough design offering exceptional brilliance, this AlGaInP LED series delivers an output that's claimed to be 10 to 15 times that of conventional through-hole LEDs. The devices feature a typical luminous intensity of up to 5000 mcd at 20 mA, depending on color. With an operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, the series is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Indoor applications including display boards in airports, bus and train stations, and casinos, as well as automotive interior lighting in instrument clusters and audio systems. Outdoor applications include message boards, commercial signs, highway information displays, and traffic signals. The series is available in three colors with a 10° viewing angle. The EFR5366X red-orange (635 nm) type delivers up to 3600 mcd (at 20 mA); the EFA5366X orange-red (609 nm) provides up to 5000 mcd; and the EFY5366X amber (592 nm) generates up to 4000 mcd. The LEDs are provided in packages containing 200 per bag. They are priced beginning at 24 cents each in quantities of up to 1000 pieces. Delivery is from stock.

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