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All-In-One LCD Touchscreen PC Mounts Into Industrial Environs

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Available with TFT LCDs in screen sizes from 12.1" to 21" and fitted with Surface Wave or 5-wire resistive touchscreens is an all-in-line LCD touchscreen and PC for chassis mounting into industrial PC environments. Developed with multimedia in mind, the unit features a 64-bit Cyrix MediaGXm processor running at 233 MHz and a Cyrix CX5520 chipset which supports integrated graphics, sound and memory control. Memory is expandable to 128 Mbytes and the unit comes with a number of system board devices, including integrated hard disk drive, two PCI and ISA slots and an on-board audio controller compatible with Sound Blaster 16/PRO MPU-410 interface. Available with internal or external power supplies, the unit has two COM ports, two USB ports and a parallel port. The 15.1" display provides a 160° viewing angle.

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