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Aluminum Polymer Capacitors Withstand 260°C Soldering

Aluminum Polymer Capacitors Withstand 260°C Soldering

Types SPCX and SPSX are surface-mount aluminum polymer capacitors for DC/DC-converter input and output applications. Both series are designed to handle up to 260°C solder temperatures used in the manufacture of RoHS-compliant circuit boards. Type SPCX is an economical series in a low-ESR package. Capacitance values range from 100 µF to 470 µF in voltage ratings from 2.0 V dc to 6.3 V dc; ripple current capability is 2.7 A at 105°C. Type SPSX has less than 9 m? of ESR, allowing it to handle 3 A of ripple current at 105°C. Capacitance values for type SPSX range from 82 µF to 470 µF in voltage ratings from 2.0 V dc to 6.3 V dc. Both types are supplied in a surface-mount molded package with the same footprint as a D-size tantalum capacitor in a very thin profile of 1.9 mm. Applications include, but are not limited to, DC/DC converters for audio/visual equipment, computers and home appliances, and optical and measuring equipment. In OEM quantities, both types are available with pricing from $0.50 each. Samples are available upon request with production quantities delivered in eight to 10 weeks. CORNELL DUBILIER, Liberty, SC. (864) 843-2277.



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