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Ambient Light Sensor Controls Consumer, Automotive Displays

Emulating the human eye, the AMIS-74980x family of ambient light sensor from AMI Semiconductor provides an output proportional to the ambient light, which allows the display controller to adjust the brightness and contract. This not only helps reduce eye strain from glare and reflections, but also controls power dissipation. The device performs equally well with light sources ranging from natural sunlight to fluorescent, conventional incandescent, and halogen lamps. An important feature is the device's low dark current, which allows the display controller to adjust the brightness of the display even in low-light environments.

The family offers multiple output options, programmability, an innovative way of lowering dark current, and low power consumption, which improves battery life in handheld systems. These characteristics make the sensor well suited for use in cell phones, PDAs and handheld displays, LCD monitors, portable DVD players, notebook PCs, large-format LED displays, and MP3 players. In automotive applications, it's well suited for in-car entertainment video systems, GPS displays, headlamps, rearview mirrors, and dashboards.


The AMIS-74980x is currently available from AMI Semiconductor.


The digital version of the AMIS-74980x costs $0.75 in quantities of 10,000. The analog version costs $0.55 is similar quantities.


Visit www.amis.com.

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