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AMD Picks General Software For Kit Aimed At 'Ultra-Value' Clients

AMD selected General Software’s Embedded BIOS with StrongFrame Technology firmware for its Geode LX UVC Reference Design Kit (RDK), specifically aimed at “ultra-value” clients. The AMD Geode LX UVC RDK facilitates the creation of products like single board computers (SBCs), point-of-sale (POS) devices, corporate thin clients, network appliances and kiosks. The kit continues a market trend toward more specialized and differentiated Ultra Mobile PC's, a new category of mobile devices optimized for specific usage models like Internet-to-go, Entertainment-to-go, and Education-to-go, while providing full PC functionality. "The Ultra Value Client Product Market is a key initiative for AMD,” Jeff Chu, division marketing manager for embedded computing solutions at AMD, said in a statement. “UVC-based applications continue to move further away from standard desktop PCs toward very specialized and differentiated applications,” Steve Jones, CTO of General Software, said in a statement. “Our StrongFrame Technology is particularly suited for these requirements.” The RDK is driven by an AMD Geode LX [email protected] processor that delivers the flexibility of the x86 instruction set with the power to run current operating systems. The processor is complemented by the AMD Geode CS5536 companion chip, which provides general I/O support, including USB 2.0, audio and ATA 100.

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