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Analog Board Handles Wideband Streaming

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Employing a converter-per-channel architecture, the PCI-417A analog board combines continuous a/d converters with a dual-channel streaming analog output section. Its four-channel a/d and two-channel d/a sections simultaneously sample data in parallel. Acting as a PCI bus master, the board delivers a/d signals via a DMA controller to the userÕs buffer without loading the host CPU. This is accomplished via two independent FIFO memory sections for the converters. The FIFOs transfer at 8,192 samples/s each (PCI-417A1) or 256 ksamples/s as an option (PCI-417A2). Prices for the boards are $1,895 and $2,195 each, respectively. DATEL INC., Mansfield, MA. (508) 339-3000.

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