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Analog I/O Board Makes High-Speed Measurements

Either 64 single-ended or 32 differential channels of 16-bit (1 part in 65,536) analog input can be configured on the PCI-DAS6031 Analog I/O board. Measurements on any of 14 input ranges can be made at rates up to 100 Ksamples/s. Also, the board delivers dual 16-bit analog outputs with 100 Ksamples/s per channel update rates. On board are eight digital bi-directional I/O lines for controlling relays and solenoids, and monitoring switch contact closures. Two 16-Bit counter/timers are included. The board is fully supported by LAbVIEW, softWIRE, Agilent VEE and MATLAB. Users wishing to program in Visual Basic, C#, C++ or other popular languages can use the company’s Universal Library (UL) which speeds the programming task with easy-to-use functions. Price is $1,225. MEASUREMENT COMPUTING CORP., Middleboro, MA. (508) 946-5100.


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