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Analog I/O Boards Equipped With Feedback

Designed for automatic control applications, the PCIAO 04F8 and PCIAO 08F4 PCI analog output boards use feedback lines to ensure system stability. This eliminates the need for a separate ADC board and makes it easy to bring 14-bit feedback to the DAC board itself. The 04F8 has four d/a lines with eight a/d channels for feedback. The 08F4 has eight d/a lines and four a/d feedback channels. Both boards accept input data at 400 Ksamples/s and can output data at 1 Msample/s. These speeds are achieved with simultaneous inputs and outputs. To enhance accuracy, the boards self-calibrate on command, using an on-board ultra-stable reference or an external reference. Both input and output channels can be scanned in any order at the maximum data rates. Large FIFO buffers combine with scatter-gather bus mastering DMA for data storage. CYBERRESEARCH, INC., Branford, CT. (800) 341-2525.


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