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Analog Output Boards Support DAQ Cubes

Groomed for use with the DNA data-acquisition (DAQ) cubes, each of the DNA-AO-308 series analog-output boards offers eight analog-output channels with maximum update rates of 100 kHz per channel (800 kHz per board). Each board in the series offers a different output configuration. These include the DNA-AO-308 (±10V, ±5 mA), DNA-AO-308-350 (±10V, ±50 mA), DNA-AO-308-353 (±40V, ±5 mA), and the DNA-AO-308-420 (4 mA to 20 mA). Other shared features include 1.5 kV of isolation between the cube and field wiring, one d/a converter per channel allowing simultaneous updates, double-buffered, low-glitch outputs, and three digital I/O channels. Single-unit prices, depending on the board are either $800 or $1,200. UNITED ELECTRONIC INDUSTRIES INC., Canton, MA. (800) 829-4632.


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