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Analog Output Module Harnesses DSP Power

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Incorporating two DSPs on a four-channel, analog-output M-Module mezzanine, the M68 features a 16-bit resolution on each channel. The offset and measurement range for each output can be individually configured through software up to ±10V and all four channels are opto-isolated to 500V. The DSPs are capable of 32 MIPS and each has 80 KB of memory, which can be used either as program memory or as a data buffer. Each output on the board can achieve sampling rates of 100 kHz each at a conversion speed of 7 µs. Drivers are included for Windows NT, VxWorks, OS-9 and Linux. Single-unit pricing starts at $1,179. MEN MICRO, INC. Carrollton, TX. (972) 939-2675.

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