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Analog Output Modules Pack High-Speed D/A’s

Sixteen output channels of the IP231 analog output Industry Pack modules each have their own high-resolution 16-Bit d/a converter. Simultaneous d/a conversion across all channels enables the modules to write ±10V outputs in 13 µs for fast data processing. In addition to high speed and high accuracy, individual DACs can be independently programmed. This also eliminates glitches that may occur on output boards using sample-and-hold amplifiers multiplexed to a single DAC. Each output can be updated when it is written, or all outputs can be updated simultaneously. Each module is a single-size mezzanine card containing up to five modules for a single-slot solution of high channel-density. The modules deliver ±10V outputs suitable for driving a variety of loads that require source currents up to 5 mA. Software calibration maintains accuracy using coefficients stored in EEPROM. Integration with Windows applications is through Win32 DLL drivers, which are compatible with Windows XP embedded applications. A 16-channel module is priced at $120 each, and an 8-channel at $950 each. ACROMAG INC., Wixom, MI. (248) 624-1541.


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