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Analog Output PCI Boards Boast High Resolution

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Designed specifically for applications where robust, high-performance analog output and industrial digital I/O control are required, the KPCI-3130 series universal analog output source PCI boards incorporate many features typically found only in benchtop instruments. The boards use high-resolution digital-to-analog converters operating over a single ±10V range. They can be wired in a two-wire or four-wire mode and provide both local and remote sensing, which is said to eliminate lead line losses and improves load regulation.
Each channel can source or sink up to 20 mA for 4-to-20 mA current-loop applications without the need for an external excitation source. In addition, they provide industrial digital I/O for solid-state relay control without the need for external buffering. The KPCI-3130 has eight analog output channels with 32 digital I/O lines, and the KPCI-3132 provides two analog output channels. Prices are $999 for the KPCI 3130 and $499 for the KPCI-3132.

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