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Analog Signal Conditioners Provide 16 Channels

Each of the OMB-DBK207 and OMB-DBK207/CJC analog-signal conditioner cards provides 16 channels that accept an OM5 (5B) isolated analog input module. Via DaqView software, users can configure any channel to measure temperature, strain, voltage, current, or frequency. The cards employ screw terminals for field connection and sockets are on board for current conversion resistors supplied with OM5 (5B) current I/O modules. Up to 16 cards can be daisy-chained for a maximum capacity of 256 inputs. The OMB-DBK207/CJC offers cold-junction compensation for obtaining linearized and compensated values from thermocouple modules. Both cards operate from a 5V power supply. Prices start at $249 each. OMEGA ENGINEERING, INC., Stamford, CT. (203) 359-1660


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