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Analyzer Boards Make Sound Measurements

The PCI-4453 and PCI-4454 vibration and audio acquisition boards are well suited for a wide range of automated measurements, including in-vehicle noise and vibration testing, audio testing, machine monitoring, disk drive testing, and a variety of acoustic and vibration testing. This board combination can sample inputs at 51.2 KSPS with a bandwidth of 23 kHz using delta-sigma ADC technology. The boards can simultaneously output signals at 51.2 KSPS using delta-sigma DAC technology. The 16-bit resolution boards have a 90 dB dynamic range for low noise and distortion effects and high accuracy of measurements. The PCI-4453 has two analog inputs and two analog output channels, and thee PCI-4454 have four analog input channels. The boards provide a migration path for the firm's AT-A2150 and AT-DSP2200 boards. Compatible programming tools include LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, Visual Basic, and Visual C/C++. They also work with firm's Sound and Vibration Toolset that operate with a number of sensors such as microphones, accelerometers, tachometers, and displacement probes. Price is $3190 each including cables and breakout box.


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