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Analyzer, Generator Take Aim At On-The-Go USB Spec

Version 1.7 of the USBTracer USB bus and protocol analyzer and the USBTrainer traffic generator specifically target the new USB 2.0 On-The-Go (OTG) specification. The new versions come as modules for the Universal Protocol Analyzer System (UPAS) and as software upgrades for existing users of the UPAS.

USB OTG was developed to permit peer-to-peer device connections, eliminating the need for a host computer to serve as an interface between devices. In this capacity, the USBTracer and USBTrainer support both Session Request and Host Negotiation Protocols.

Other new features extend the system's flexibility and shorten design and debug time. CHIRP sequence recording lets users view this bus-level negotiation, which is needed to support 480-Mbit/s operation. The bus utilization view reduces browsing time by providing a graphical view of all the traffic from a single trace in one window.

The system also now supports up to seven levels of trigger event sequencing for all types of events. So, users can customize the trace capture to fit their particular application. Finally, low clock-speed generation and trace capture enables users to test devices at nonstandard clock speeds, allowing the debugging of prototypes and breadboards.

The USBTracer and USBTrainer are available now. Existing users with current maintenance agreements will receive the software release for free. For new customers, the USBTracer system costs $23,950. The USBTrainer can be added for $5500.

Computer Access Technology Corp., www.catc.com; (800) 909-CATC, (408) 727-6600.

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