Electronic Design

App Note Discusses RF Chip Inductor Functions In Tuning/Filtering Circuits

Laird Technologies’ application note, RF Chip Inductor Applications, explains how RF chip inductors are an integral part of many tuning and filtering circuits. The components reduce or eliminate electromagnetic interference noise on the printed circuit board. Three different types of chip inductors are listed: multilayer, wire wound, and thin film. These possess RF inductor parameters that include L-inductance, DCR-DC resistance, rated current, Q factor, and Self-Resonant Frequency (SRF). The application note then examines the SRF and Q factor. For example, the SRF is the frequency where the inductor and parasitic capacitor among the coil windings resonates. The higher the SRF, the higher the inductor’s effective operational frequency range. The Q factor is the function of the frequency. High Q factor inductors have better performance for narrow band filtering, amplifier, and oscillator application. The application note is available free for download on the company’s website. LAIRD TECHNOLOGIES, St. Louis, MO. (800) 634-2673.

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