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App Opens Vistas For Mobile Phone OEMs

Offering mobile phone manufacturers more options to innovate and diversify their products, the UIQ 3.3 application, based on Symbian OS v 9.3, allows users to produce different types of phones on the same software platform, i.e., on a single code line. It adds incremental enhancements including greater support for operator services and customization capabilities to support unique market segments. UIQ 3.3 includes the Opera Mobile 9 web browser with fast page rendering and pan-and-zoom functionality and UIQ Dashboard, which features a dashboard, accessible system wide by pushing the widget button. Other features include Opera Widgets for direct access to content and mobile services, a unified messaging platform for communication, and Java JSR 248 MSA for creating a range of applications employing the mobile services architecture (MSA). The beta software-development kit for UIQ 3.3 on Symbian OS v 9.3 is available for downloading on the company's website. UIQ TECHNOLOGY, Ronneby, Sweden. +46 457 464 700


Product URL: Click here for more information

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