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Targeting FPGA-based embedded systems, the company debuts two new applications, Nexar and CircuitStudio, and updated versions of Protel and CAMtastic. Additionally, it has unveiled what's described as the industry's first FPGA-based LiveDesign-enabled development board, the NanoBoard (nano-level breadboard). LiveDesign is a real-time, interactive development technology that enables rapid implementation, testing, and debugging via a combination of FPGA-targeted virtual instruments, JTAG communications, and the NanoBoard. CircuitStudio 2004, a universal front-end for board-level and FPGA design, features hierarchical schematic capture, mixed-mode simulation, VHDL simulation, and pre-layout signal integrity capabilities. Prices for Nexar 2004 and CircuitStudio 2004 with the NanoBoard are $7,995 and $1,995, respectively, and the NanoBoard alone costs $995. ALTIUM LTD., Sydney, Australia. + 61 2 9975 7710.

Company: ALTIUM LTD.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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