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Arbitrary Waveforms Generators Serve Many Applications

Occupying a single PC expansion slot and combining the performance of advanced stand-alone generators with the convenience of the PC, the single-channel PCI-343 and the dual-channel PCI-344 arbitrary waveform generators provide an on-board waveform memory sequencer that creates complex waveform sequences by looping and linking memory segments. The Loop Until Trigger mode loops on one waveform segment indefinitely until a trigger event is recognized. The Multi-Sequence mode provides storage of 16 different sequences, and the sequence number can be changed by the PC or by an external event, thereby providing interactive waveform generation useful in creating digitally modulated communication signals.A suite of analog specs includes: 12 bits of resolution at rates to 50 Msps; output amplifiers with 24 Vpk-pk swing; and standard memory of 32 ksamples/channel.


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