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Architecture Delivers Complete Power Management

Detailed as a totally-integrated solution for board-level power management, the Z-One Digital IBA architecture promises a 50% reduction in pc-board space requirements, 20% cost savings, and a 90% decrease in components, pc-board traces, and development time. The Z-One system incorporates Z-POL dc/dc converters (see photo), the ZIOS operating system, and the Z-One digital bus, all controlled by a Digital Power Manager (DPM). The surface-mountable DPMs can manage up to 32 Z-POL converters. Parameters, such as output voltages, sequencing, and protection limits are user-programmable through a PC-based GUI and stored in the DPM. Other features include up to 32 programmable outputs from 0.5 to 5.5 Vdc, a complete suite of power management and conversion configurations, and real-time monitoring of the intermediate bus, output voltage and current, and temperature of each POL converter. Prototype pricing for the DPM controllers (ZM7100 family) starts at $12, and for the Z-POL converters (ZY7100 family) is from $10 to $20, depending on the model. POWER-ONE INC., Carlsbad, CA. (866) 969-3438.


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