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ARM9 MCU Hits Secure Highs And Lows

A pair of ARM9-based Microcontrollers complete with security expand Cirrus Logic's ARM-based processor line. Both the entry-level EP9301 and the high-end EP9315 employ Cirrus Logic's MaverickKey security technology and secure boot ROM. The EP9315 also includes the MaverickCrunch engine for more demanding security applications.

Both microcontrollers are based on an ARM920T core with 16 kbytes of instruction and data cache along with a 10/100-Mbit/s Ethernet interface, GPIO, and 12-channel DMA. The EP9301 includes a pair of USB host controllers and UARTs, while the EP9315 adds one of each. The 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) on the EP9301 is replaced with a full keyboard and touchscreen decoder. The higher-end chip also has an EIED interface, a PCMCIA interface, and a 2D graphics engine that's tied into the video/LCD controller.

The EP9301, housed in a 208-pin quad flat package, costs $8.96. The EP9315 is available immediately in a 352-pin BGA package for $24.01. Engineering development kits are priced at $350 for the EP9301 and $2745 for the EP9315. All products come in both commercial and industrial temperature grades.

Cirrus Logic Inc.

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