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Artesyn Delivers Pre-Integrated Blade Systems

Artesyn’s Bus and Board offering is based on its ATCA KatanaQp board. It supports one or two PowerPC 7447A/7448 processors and has Gigabit Ethernet fabric and front-panel support. An on-board Ethernet switch also provides access to the fabric for the four PCI Telephony Mezzanine Card (PTMC, PICMG 2.15, VITA 32) expansion site slots.

This year Artesyn was showing its SpiderWare ATCA hardware platform (see the figure), which features a 1-GHz MPC7448 processor running Wind River’s PNE LE Carrier Grade Linux. The system is packed and read to go with 512 Mbytes of DDR SDRAM memory and 64 Mbytes of flash memory. T1/E1 interfaces providing 8, 16, or 32 T1/E1 spans with PowerQUICC II processor support populate the PTMC sites to perform data-protocol processing. This includes features like set up/tear down calls and billing for the likes of SS7, SIGTRAN (SS7 over IP), SIP, MEGACO (H.248), and H.323.

A software development package targets SS7 (Common Channel Signaling System No.7) and includes Spiderware Streams support plus support for protocols like MTP (Message Transfer Part); ISUP (ISDN User Part); and SCCP (Signaling Connection Control Part) class 0, 1, and 2. The system targets traditional TDM or IP transport infrastructures.

The SpiderWare package significantly simplifies system development since all the hardware and support software are already tested and integrated, allowing developers to concentrate on value-added features.

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