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ASIC/ASSP Verification Platform Brings Hardware To Bear

On the heels of its acquisition of HARDI Electronics AB, Synplicity rolled out its Confirma platform, a hardware-assisted, at-speed verification platform for ASICs and ASSPs. The Confirma platform includes Synplicity’s Certify tool for multi-FPGA partitioning and implementation, as well as the company’s recently introduced Identify Pro software with TotalRecall technology providing full visibility into the design under test. Rounding out the platform is the HAPS (HARDI ASIC Prototyping System) FPGA-based prototyping hardware.

Rather than having to piece together an FPGA-based prototyping platform, the Confirma platform represents a tightly integrated at-speed verification system comprising three major components: The Certify software takes an existing ASIC design and partitions it into multiple FPGAs; the HAPS prototyping boards are the hardware execution engine; and Identify Pro software, with its TotalRecall technology, provides full visibility and a seamless interface into industry-standard software simulators for easy debugging.

In addition, the Confirma platform’s modular and scalable architecture deploys prototypes as replicates. As a result, it significantly reduces overall system verification time for software developers and systems integrators since they can run actual software applications.

Contact Synplicity directly for pricing and delivery information for the platform.


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