Electronic Design

ASIC/SoC Development Platform Performs Emulation And Much More

A three-in-one EDA product featuring emulation, coverification, and simulation acceleration on a universal platform, the Comulator N2.1 may be used with all hardware description language (HDL) simulators and all design languages and on all hardware platforms. The system is designed for network operation, supporting team-based verification and resource sharing. Processor emulation performance is 100 kcps to 100 Mcps. Coverification is performed at speeds 1000 times faster than C models. Each Comulator N2.1 station includes one EMA reconfigurable prototyping board, one hardware accelerator, and design verification application and interface software. Comulator hardware and software may reside within the user's HDL software simulation server or on any Unix, Linux, or Windows-based Comulator station. Prices start at $60,000.

Alatek Inc.
www. alatek.com; (702) 892-3720

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