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Assemblies Interconnect Ultra ATA/Ultra DMA-Based Hardware

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Developed primarily to provide high-performance interconnections between PC motherboards and disk drives based on Ultra ATA/Ultra DMA technology, Ultra ATA connectors and connector-cable assemblies employ a one-to-one signal-to-ground ratio to achieve decreased crosstalk between signal lines. This is said to result in a level of performance that surpasses that of IDE connectors and assemblies while maintaining backward compatibility with existing IDE interfaces. The assemblies use an 80-conductor, 0.025" centerline PVC ribbon cable that's said to deliver enhanced signal integrity, with the insulation-displacement termination scheme enabling fast assembly of the connectors to the ribbon cable conductors- the firm also offers automated equipment for achieving high-speed connector-to-cable terminations. The assemblies have an 80 ohm impedance, with the contacts available with 30 or 15 µinches of gold or palladium/nickel with gold flash. The dual-beam contacts are designed to provide a reliable interface with 0.025" post headers.

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