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ATCA Hub Switch Advances InfiniBand

The ATS2148, an AdvancedTCA hub switch blade for Dual-Star fabric-based ATCA shelves, provides 15 InfiniBand x4 connections to the backplane, thereby supporting either a 14- or 16-slot AdvancedTCA platform. The board is compliant with the PICMG 3.2 specification via option 1 and supports ATCA 3.2 Option 1. The non-blocking, low-latency fabric switch supports all 15 backplane ports and three front panel ports running at full wire speed. The switch's PMA monitors fabric health and link and packet errors as well as detecting and isolating potential problems before they occur. Multi-pathing and automatic path migration are fully supported enabling fault tolerance and fail over as well as providing notification that a self-healing fabric event occurred and maintenance may be required. Additionally, the board features 24-port gigabit Ethernet switches for ATCA base switching. DIVERSIFIED TECHNOLOGY INC., Ridgeland, MS. (800) 443-2667


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