Electronic Design

Atom D525 SBC Expands Aaeon COM Express Module

The COM-LN Rev. B is a small-format single-board computer that is ideal for embedded applications that require a balance of performance and lower power. The  Express CPU module with onboard Atom D525 processor for Aaeon boards offers a wide range of peripherals, audio/visual capabilities and networking support. It can also operate with a wide DC input range from 8.5 V to 19 V and an operating temperature range from 0ºC to 60ºC. Computer on Module (COM) is a concept whereby a single-board computer is split into two parts. A 'compact core module' containing all the components needed for a bootable host computer—the processor, north and south bridges, memory and flash but without the standard connectors for any input/output peripherals. This COM is sold as an off-the-shelf entity and will have a standardized footprint and set of connectors that mate to an 'application specific carrier board' with the system IO and peripherals. The carrier board is capable of accepting any COM in that specific Computer On Module family of boards. Together, the COM and carrier board deliver the functionality of a single-board computer.


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