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ATR Chassis Cools Up To 100W Per Slot

For systems using high-power, conduction-cooled boards such as VITA 41 VXS and VITA 46, the liquid-cooled 1-ATR chassis can cool up to 100W per slot. According to the company, standard conduction-cooled ATR chassis handle boards that dissipate between 20W to 40W per slot. However, current airborne and ground-vehicle signal processing applications, the likes of ELINT, SIGINT, and electro-optical systems, employ boards that can generate over 90W per slot. The 1-ATR meets ARINC 404A/MIL-STD-91403 requirements and features brazed construction with liquid-cooled card cage sidewalls. It supports a variety of cooling fluids: PAO, ethylene glycol/water, propylene glycol/water, and the fluorinerts including FC-75, FC-77, and FC-104. In a high-power configuration, the chassis is capable of 800W for 1 ATR short or greater than 1 kW for 1 ATR long. A low-pressure drop version is available for levels under 1.5 psi. The top load 1 ATR short is available standard with a 9-slot VITA 41 VXS or VME64x backplane and one power supply or in a high-power configuration with an 8-slot VITA 41 VXS or VME64x backplane and two power supplies. Additional features include a customizable I/O front bezel with MIL 38999 or other connectors, MIL-STD-461 EMI, and custom configurations and system integration services. For further information, pricing , and availability, call HYBRICON CORP., Ayer, MA. (877) 492-7426.


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