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ATX Motherboard With RAID Supports Intel Core 2 Quad Processors

Optimized for the Intel Core 2 Quad processor, the G7B630-NRM-G motherboard from ITOX is a high-performance ATX-form-factor board designed specifically for embedded applications requiring a stable revision-controlled platform. The LGA775 socket supports a wide range of Intel Embedded Architecture processors, including the Core 2 Duo and Celeron D devices.

Using the Intel Q965 Express chip set, the board has guaranteed availability through December 2011. Up to 8 Gbytes of 800-MHz DDR2 dual-channel memory are available. Features include dual PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controllers and Intel GMA 300 graphics. Also onboard are five Serial ATA ports (3 Gbits/s), one UltraDMA 133 IDE interface, two IEEE 1394 ports, 10 USB 2.0 ports, an x16 and a x1 PCI-Express slot, four PCI slots, and a VGA port.

The G7B630-NRM-G system BIOS incorporates RAID 0, 1, 5, and 10 disk configuration support using Intel Matrix Storage Technology. These BIOS-based configuration controls allow pre-OS RAID creation and disk-array naming and deletion. Full management and status reporting of the RAID array storage devices are performed. These features make the motherboard well-suited for data-intensive applications like medical imaging, security and surveillance, interactive kiosks, and other applications requiring high data security. A version without the RAID and Intel AMT support is available as the G7B630-N-G.

Samples of both boards are available now, with production quantities scheduled for November. The G7B630-NRM-G lists for $430, and the G7B630-N-G lists for $398. Pricing for OEM volume quantities is available on request. For more information, go to www.itox.com.

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