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Audio Reference Design Abets Emerging Wi-Fi PAN Apps

Conexant Systems, teaming up with Ozmo Devices, unveils a jointly developed speaker and speakerphone reference design based on its CX2070X audio system-on-chip (SoC) product family and Ozmo’s OZMO1000 Wi-Fi PAN SoC. The CX2070X SoCs feature proprietary technical innovations that dramatically improve audio and voice quality while the OZMO1000 dual-band radio features instant-on radio technology and a unique power-management approach that enables ultra-low power consumption while maintaining very low latency. Conexant also offers a complete hardware and software evaluation kit that includes a fully populated board, software, and supporting technical documentation. Reference designs are available to qualified customers now. CONEXANT SYSTEMS INC. Newport Beach, CA. (888) 855-4562.
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