Electronic Design
Auto Focus Modules Enhance Board-Mount CCD/CMOS Cameras

Auto Focus Modules Enhance Board-Mount CCD/CMOS Cameras

Installing directly on board-mounted cameras, the company’s custom auto-focus modules accept standard threaded lens assemblies. The compact module employs the company’s SQUIGGLE motor and TRACKER position sensor along with integrated electronics in a robust polymer housing only slightly larger than the optical lens assembly. Easily customized to fit almost any board-mounted camera using parametric computer design tools, drive electronics come on a separate board that accepts USB, analog, and I2C motion commands. Module specs include a stroke distance greater than 2 mm, lens mass up to 10g, velocity of 7 mm/s, a position resolution of 5 µm, position repeatability of 2 µm, and a step and settle time of less than 20 ms for a 30-µm step. Typical pricing is $99 each/1,000 and $59 each/10,000. NEW SCALE TECHNOLOGIES INC., Victor, NY. (585) 924-4450.
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