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Automated Solder Rework Station Assures Consistency

The Summit 2100 solder rework station automatically sets and maintains proper reflow temperature for any printed-circuit board (PCB)/component combination. The software-driven system precludes the time-consuming, trial-and-error process of standard rework stations, eliminating rework defects such as cold-solder joints and thermal stress of boards and components. Through the system's simple, menu-driven interface, the operator selects the board type, the component to be reworked, and the operation to be performed. The system then completes the task on each board. It's computer-controlled, motorized X-Y table assures precise and repeatable site locations on boards up to 18" x 22" with 2" of vertical clearance. Component placement is facilitated by a precision prism cube that allows the operator to look up at the component and down at the board simultaneously. The station can be programmed to communicate with the user in one of several languages, allowing worldwide standardization of rework processes and procedures.


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