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Automotive Quad-GNSS Platform Boosts Interference Immunity

Cambridge, UK: A quad-GNSS location platform designed by CSR supports GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and Compass systems in vehicles. It’s the company’s first product based on the SiRFstarV architecture.

SiRFStarVe, which can operate in engine or tracker modes, has new features for dealing with ambient electrical noise and radio interference. In particular, there are a number of mechanisms that boost immunity to LTE signals, according to CSR.

The device also includes improved active jammer removal. It continually tracks and eliminates radio interference from up to eight sources to enhance location performance—a critical requirement when location engines are in electrically noisy environments (e.g., modern digital dashboards).

The SiRFstarVe integrates CSR SiRFAware and SiRFInstantFix positioning enhancement technologies to enable faster times to fix and improve positional accuracy. It’s possible even when antenna placement within a vehicle is less than optimal, such as under the dashboard. It also offers an on-chip LNA, fail-safe I/O, integrated switchers, single-supply voltage, and simple RF matching.

The complete solution implements SiRFNav software running either on-chip (engine mode) or on the host CPU (tracker mode) to calculate the precise position, velocity, and time. It also provides complete control of GNSS operation, including navigation, nav-aiding, and hybrid location sub-functions.
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