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Backlight LED Drivers Run From Single-Cell Li-ion Battery

74355-AMilpitas, Calif., U.S.: Operating from a single-cell lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery, Intersil’s ISL9769x backlight LED drivers feature input voltage as low as 2.4 V and quiescent current down to 0.8 mA. They also offer 90% efficiency with 3.7-V input, driving a six-parallel, five-series LED array at 20 mA/LED.

The ISL97692 has four channels of up to 40 mA each, while the ISL97693 and ISL97694A provide six channels of up to 30 mA each. All of the drivers feature output current phase shifting, which maximizes efficiency during pulse-width modulation (PWM) dimming and increases the effective output current frequency to eliminate audible noise. Dimming range is down to 0.025% duty cycle at 5 kHz.

When operating from a single cell Li-ion battery, the drivers don’t require any input voltage other than the battery, reducing board size and component count and suiting them to portable device applications.


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