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Backlit Keyboard Works In the Dark

The waterproof OIX 4087-P keyboard is a full-featured 87-key keyboard with 12 function keys and a built-in mouse-button pointing device. Backlit keys are colored according to their functionality. They can be brightened or dimmed depending on ambient light levels and therefore can be used in ordinary light, dim light or total darkness. The keyboard keeps computers working in all kinds of weather and almost any kind of industrial environment. The keyboard coating resists water and most common industrial coolants and lubricants. Sealed to NEMA 6, IP68 standards, it resists spills, splashes, rain or even total immersion. Measuring 11.9"W x 6.9"L x 1.8"H, it fits in tight spaces. The keyboard operates in temperature ranges from freezing to 122°F. It withstands shocks up to 10g and vibration up to 1.5g, peak-to-peak. Pricing is $295. CYBERRESEARCH INC., Branford, CT. (800) 341-2525.


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