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Backplane Architecture Allows Multi-Slot PCI Multiprocessing

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By combining the high bandwidth of PCI with the robustness and comprehensive product availability of VME, PPzero is a a backplane architecture that enables multi-slot PCI multiprocessing in VME systems. It provides peer multiprocessing between VME boards via a secondary bus, concurrently with VME data transfers. Its hardware components extend the PCIbus from a PowerPC board, via the standard VME P0 connector, on to the backplane enabling multiple VME boards to communicate via PCI. The firm's carrier cards also interface to the backplane, allowing a wide range of high-performance PCI-based functions to be utilized with standard 6U VME.
The software components maintain the VME backplane driver interface standards for PCI-based transfers between peer processors. VxWorks support is available and LynxOS support is planned. In addition, a range of COTS software drivers, developed for PCI-based desktop systems, is directly applicable to PMC format products.The product meets the needs of both the industrial and military/aerospace markets. Call for pricing.

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