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Backplanes Address VITA 41.0 Specs

Compliant with the latest VITA 41.0 specification, the company's VXS switched serial backplanes feature a Dual Star switched fabric topology and Nelco-4000 13SI material, rather than FR-4, for the pc board. Backward compatible with VME/VME64x, VXS employs a 6.4 Gb/s connector across the P0 section of a VME64x backplane to allow the use of switched fabric signals for higher bandwidth. Users can plug in standard VME64x cards for the parallel bus only and/or integrate payload and switch cards for the parallel bus and for switch fabric transport or switch fabric transport only. Other features include two fabric slots and ten payload slots. BUSTRONIC CORP., Fremont, CA. (510) 490-7388.


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