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Backplanes Mate With PICMG-Based Systems

Two new ePCI-X backplanes have been developed that are said to open up new levels of performance for systems based on PICMG technology. The EBP-6A4B1, a shoe-box style backplane, can be used in the company's 9301-6 rugged benchtop chassis, while the EBP-11A4B6, an ATX-style backplane, is compatible with the company's 4U chassis. The ePCI-X, or PICMG 1.2 standard defines a removable CPU board form factor that is a natural evolution from PICMG 1.0 PCI-ISA specs. It specifies form factors with either one or two PCI busses; no ISA bus is involved. KONTRON AMERICA, San Diego, CA. (858) 677-0877.


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